Four Reasons Why You Need A Face Scrub for Men!

Scrubs are an essential component of a skincare routine. Although they are quite helpful to the skin, you should also understand how your skin will possibly react to them before you think about using them. It will always help you in the long run if you know a little about these products beforehand.
The scrubs meant for the body, and the face is different, and you should not use one for the other. Each Product has specific product concerns.
There are different types of facial scrubs available depending on their specific healthcare concerns, such as coffee facial scrub, sea salt facial scrub, moisturizing facial scrubs, sugar facial scrub, herbal facial scrubs, etc. It is important in all of these options to look for natural ingredients packed with vitamins and seed oil & will not strip out your skin's essential oils.
You can also make DIY Men's facial scrubs at home but, you should carefully read about the various compositions and do it only if you are confident. Wrongly prepared face scrubs and incorrect methods of using them can damage your skin.
No matter what physical exfoliant you use, ensure that you are gentle on your skin, and do not stress out your skin.
The Process Of Exfoliation
The main job of a scrub is to exfoliate your skin. Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells from the surface of your skin. There are different ways of exfoliation, like mechanical or chemical exfoliation.
Throughout your lives, the process of cell regeneration continues to take place in your body. The skin tends to lose its old or dead cells to make way for new cells. Though the process of cell regeneration is active when you are young, the process slows down as the age advances. It means that with age, the skin needs more time to shed old cells and also to generate new cells. The old cells fall off the skin from time to time, but with advancing age, these cells start accumulating on the surface, leading to a dull, damaged, dry, and rough skin. It can also result in clogged pores causing acne and marks.
With exfoliation, you can remove dead skin cells and let the skin breathe. As all the dead skin cells are removed with scrubbing, the underlying healthier and youthful skin comes to the fore. Freshly exfoliated skin can also absorb skin-nourishing products better. So, if you exfoliate before using a moisturizer or serum, your skin can effectively take it in.
The best way to exfoliate your skin is with an exfoliating scrub. Using both body and face scrub is beneficial for the overall health of the skin. Choose a scrub that suits your skin type and exfoliate with it as needed.

Benefits Of A Body Scrub

1. Refreshes your skin

As dead skin cells get scrubbed off, your skin starts to breathe and reflects a rejuvenated glow. Scrubbing removes several impurities accumulated on the skin, along with the dead cells, and this process revitalizes and refreshes your skin.

2. Your skin looks younger

Accumulation of dead cells makes your skin look dull and aged. An average person sheds around 10,000-25,000 skin cells every day, and it takes over a month for the new cells to appear. Regular exfoliation can help remove the dead cells and accelerate the production of new cells. Your skin will, thus, start looking bright, glowing, and more youthful.

3. Makes the  moisturizing procedure more powerful

Using a moisturizer without exfoliating the skin leads to no significant results. You might have wondered why your expensive moisturizer refuses to work on your skin. It might have failed because of the dead skin cells acting as a shield and barring its entry into the skin. The scrub removes dead cells and allows the moisturizer to enter the skin, thereby enabling easy absorption. Further,  there are some scrubs that moisturize as well!

4. Scrubs can enhance blood circulation

When you massage your skin with the scrub, the finger movements stimulate blood circulation, thereby draining lymph nodes. Resulting in blood rushing onto the skin surface and giving your skin shine and rejuvenation.

Benefits Of A Face Scrub

Man Apply Face Scrub to Face

A face scrub lends the same benefits to the skin as a body scrub. It helps remove dead skin cells from your face and make it soft, bright, and glowing. Your face looks young, and your skin shines with the appearance of the underlying healthier skin.
Also, using a scrub can help tackle the issue of discoloration most people face on their faces.
A face scrub unclogs the pores and makes them look smaller. Your skin only gets acne when oil and dirt get trapped inside these pores.
Regular exfoliation can also prevent hyperpigmentation. Hormonal changes, age, and other factors cause brown spots on the skin, which tend to get darker and more evident with time. Exfoliation breaks up pigmented cells and helps in fading them out.
Additionally, scrubs help in reducing dryness of your skin and, thus, are beneficial during the harsh climate conditions. If harsh winters or summers tend to dry up your skin, make it a habit to exfoliate your skin regularly. It is only when the scrubs remove dead and inactive cells from the surface of your skin that your moisturizer can work more effectively and get absorbed in the skin better.
Scrubs are great anti-aging products, too, as they prevent the accumulation of dead and dry skin cells, promote the production of new cells, and maintain the youth of the skin and clean face.
When Not To Use A Scrub?
If you have sensitive skin, you can use a scrub as long as it is mild and does not cause irritation. Try a patch test and see if it works for your skin.
If you have acne or oily skin, do not scrub your face and irritate it all the more. It could lead to discomfort and cause you more issues. You can wait until the condition improves and, then, use a scrub. At that time, it will help remove the dead cells that acne would have left and thus clear off the skin to promote the appearance of new cells.
Also, if you have injuries on your skin or face, wait till they are healed. Using a scrub on wounds could spark off infections and delay healing. If your scrub has a lot of chemicals in it, then your injury could also get worse. Apply a face exfoliator only when the wound is completely healed.
You should also never overdo using the scrub. It should, after all, depend on how your skin takes it. If your skin is okay with it, you can exfoliate twice a week. Else, using a scrub just once a week is also great. Always conclude the cleanup routine with a moisturizer, which will soak in and soothe your exfoliated skin.
Your skin is continuously undergoing wear and tear. It is necessary to clean it up from time to time to keep it healthy and rejuvenated. A good face scrub can be of great help to ensure clean and healthy skin.

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