How Toxics Enter Our Body... And What You Can Do To Prevent It!

Environmental pollution is so severe that there is hardly any place that can be called ‘toxic-free.’ Every day, millions of poisonous chemicals are released into your surroundings through vehicular pollution, industrial pollution, and several other means. These toxins eventually find a way into your body. Let’s understand some of the ways they can do so…

The Three Main Ways Toxics Enter Your Body…

Here’s how toxins make their way into your body!

  • Air: Every second of your daily life, you are inhaling millions of poisonous gases! Are you safe at home? Probably not! Your refrigerators, ACs, paints, printers, and even furnishings emit gases that enter your bloodstream through breathing. When you are outside, you end up inhaling more toxics. It’s shocking… but true!
  • Food: A multi-billion dollar business, the food industry is less about ethics and more about profits today. Rampant use of pesticides is a reality, which means most of your food grains and vegetables are sprayed with poisonous chemicals, which may not even get washed away no matter how many times you clean them.

    It means these chemicals enter your body through seemingly safe ‘home-cooked meals.’ The other cause of concern is the preservatives and contaminants in preserved and processed foods, and even drinking water! It means every time you eat your food, and you are also consuming many toxins.
  • Personal care products: The items you use to make you look better are also harming your body in many ways. Shampoos, hair colors, deodorants, etc., contain chemicals that can be absorbed into the body through the skin.

    The personal care products, creams and lotions, and more also contain toxins, either in small or large quantities. The home cleaning products, fire retardants, and more also are infused with chemicals that enter your bloodstream through your skin surface.

Toxics You Come In Contact With Every Day… But Don’t Know Anything About it!

Here are some toxics you need to be wary about… 

1. Phthalates:

You will find them in fragrances and even foams. They may also be present in items that claim to be fire retardant.

Phthalates are very hazardous and can even cause endocrine disruption. Studies have also found that those who are exposed to the chemical, especially children, may have lower IQ levels.

2. Parabens:

Take a look at your personal care products, and most of them will contain different types of parabens, including propylparaben, methylparaben, isoparaben, ethylparaben, and so on. Researchers say that parabens may even cause breast cancer.

3. Triclosan and Triclocarban:

Probably the most harmful chemicals out there, triclosan and triclocarban, have the potential to increase resistance to antibiotics. They can be found in many products. 

These toxics are referred to as the ‘worst endocrine disruptors.’

The above are only a few of the millions of toxins that enter our body through the products we use every day. Whenever you buy products, also look for chemicals such as TEA, DEA, sulfates, etc., and try not to buy them. Look for organic versions made from natural ingredients.

No matter how the toxins enter our body, the repercussions are enormous. Generally, you will find a lot of awareness about the toxins that find their way in through inhalation and consumption. However, there’s hardly any information about the absorption bit!

Beware Of The Toxins That Make Their Way In Through Your Skin…

The skin is one of the main entry points for toxins. It works as a wrapper of protection for our organs, and it does its duty well. The three layers of skin, namely, the epidermis, the dermis, and the hypodermis, are strong enough to not let every pollutant in. But today, there are nano and microparticles which can easily penetrate the skin’s cell structure. 

That’s why many medicines, such as ointments, gels, patches, etc. are administered through your skin. The lotions, creams, serums, shampoos, and even soaps now contain chemicals that help in the absorption of their constituents into the skin. Different parts of your skin have various absorption capacities. For example, the skin on your scalp and forehead can absorb four times more than the skin on your forearm! 

Even though the skin, there are further three ways in which toxins enter the body. They are either through the cells (intracellular), between cells (intercellular) or through the hair follicles or via sweat ducts, a process referred to as a transappendageal pathway. Once the chemicals find their way in, they could quickly enter the bloodstream. You can only imagine what will happen next!

1. Organ Damage

Our body is a correctly functioning device that works based on what it gets. If it gets nutrients, it functions well, but if it is fed toxics, it eventually stops working. Our body has some great detoxifying organs such as liver, kidney, and digestive tracts, which regularly flush off unwanted items keeping us healthy and beautiful. If toxins start accumulating more than these organs can handle, the result is organ damage.

2. Hormonal Imbalance

The effective functioning of hormones is necessary for natural body processes.

Toxics can hinder, stimulate, and even mimic hormones, resulting in high hormonal imbalance, which can throw your body functions into chaos.

3. Weakening Bones

Your bones have to be strong to help you move about and lead a healthy life. Imagine what would happen if your bones become so weak that you are not even able to wake up from your bed! That’s what toxics are capable of - they can make your bones fragile. They displace minerals in the bone mass leading to a weakened bone structure.

4. Interfering with enzymes, DNA and genes

Enzymes are of paramount importance to help our body function normally. If they go for a toss, there are myriad effects from reduced hemoglobin, to organ dysfunction and faster aging. Toxics can even damage your DNA!

Our genes are strong enough to adapt and adopt changes, but when overpowered by toxins, they lose their capabilities.

Stop Your Body From Being A Gate For Toxics

Certain things are beyond your control. Getting away from pollution, or stopping the use of toxic personal care products, may not be practically possible. But, you can try to reduce the intake of toxins.

  • Eat healthily: This is the first and foremost way you can reduce toxins in your body. Buy organic vegetables, fresh from farms if possible. Buy local vegetables and fruits. If you have space in your garden, grow your vegetables. You can even grow herbs in your kitchen balcony. It takes hard work, but what is at stake here is your health. 
  • Note the ingredients: Be it on your shampoo bottles, or your ketchup cans, take time out to read what ingredients are mentioned before you buy them.

Thankfully, there is a lot of awareness about these toxics. While there is no obvious solution to air pollution, you can at least prevent other toxins from entering your system from cosmetics and personal care products, processed foods, and also the other daily items you may be using. You get organic and environmentally-conscious products today, which may not contain as many chemicals as the other ones.

While it may seem impossible to get rid of the toxins in your life, by consciously choosing better alternatives, you can prevent them from wreaking havoc with your lives!

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