7 Reasons Why You Really Need a Moisturizer

The question ‘Do I need a moisturizer?’ often plays on most guy’s minds. If people do not get many skin issues, they safely assume that they do not need much of skincare as their skin is already doing fine. However, there have been varied opinions on the use of moisturizers lately. Some experts look at it as an essential part of the skincare routine while some think that not everyone needs moisturizing.


A moisturizer, as a matter of fact, is a must for all because it is not just about the hydration that the skin gets, but also a whole lot of other benefits. moisturizers contain many useful ingredients which could prove to be beneficial for skin in the longer run. All you must do is choose a moisturizer that suits your skin type.

Ingredients to look out for


For stressed and dull skin: Pollutants in the atmosphere tend to damage your skin continually. In such a scenario, you require good fighters to protect your skin against any possible damages and who could do this job better than antioxidants. Use moisturizers containing antioxidants such as hyaluronic acid, green tea, Vitamin C, etc. to get smooth and lively skin.  You should also read the ingredients list before buying, as an adequate product should contain at least 90% of the antioxidants.

For ageing skin: Skin loses its potent qualities with increasing age, and the effects are visible sooner with sun damage and poor lifestyle habits. For such skin, you will need replenishing ingredients to bring back the glory of your skin. You also get anti-ageing moisturizers, which contain useful ingredients capable of preventing ageing effects. In addition to reducing fine lines and wrinkles, they also increase the elasticity of the skin and maintain its youthfulness.

For damaged skin:  Dullness, wrinkles, acne, flakes, etc. are some of the signs of skin damage. You will need moisturizers containing repairing ingredients such as retinol, peptides, ceramides, resveratrol and glycolic acid, etc. to undo the damage and provide your skin with the nutrients it needs.  If your skin is normal or dry, then look for moisturizers with oils, such as jojoba oil, carrot oil, sesame seed oil, cranberry oil and almond oil, to give extra hydration to the skin. Also, products with shea butter and green tea extracts are equally effective in repairing damaged skin.

Reasons you need a moisturizer

1)   It lends protection to your skin

Most of the skincare products are full of chemicals, and even some effective ingredients, such as retinol, can also dry up the skin. It is necessary to guard your skin against this dryness, and a moisturizer helps in lending a protective layer, warding off side effects and discomfort.

2)   It alleviates many skin problems

Irrespective of your skin type, oily or dry, if you do not take any steps towards maintaining your skin, then various skin issues, including acne and rashes, can pop up any time. A moisturizer invariably helps to maintain skin balance. Those with oily skin should opt for a moisturizing lotion with exfoliating ingredients. For dry skin, a creamy moisturizer is best as it has high oil content to tackle the dryness and make the skin supple and smooth.

3)It keeps wrinkles at bay

Using a moisturizer from young age benefits in the long run, as it helps in delaying the appearance of wrinkles on the skin. As the skin gets dry or stays without enough hydration, it also gets inflamed, and this often leads to collagen breakdown. As collagen reduces, ageing signs, including wrinkles, begin to appear prominently on your skin. moisturizers provide ample hydration and nutrients to your skin, thereby protecting your skin. Even if you have wrinkles or fine lines, regular use of moisturizers will help you make them less prominent. Ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, can help prevent the formation of wrinkles and appearance of other signs of ageing.

4)   It protects against the effects of climate

There is so much pollution everywhere that your skin is getting affected almost every second. The problem only aggravates during harsh winters or scorching summers. As humidity levels in the air decrease, the dry air dries out your skin and, in the process, also attacks its lipid layer. The lipid layer is the skin’s protective layer, which blocks the entry of harmful pollutants and other irritants. Moisturized skin stands as a barrier and keeps your skin protected against climate hazards.

5)   It keeps your skin replenished

Your skin loses thousands of cells every day. Though these are dead cells, you also tend to lose the young cells in the process. The daily loss of cells makes your skin dull, dry and wrinkled. moisturizers provide nourishment and help the skin repair itself. moisturizers with antioxidants and other useful ingredients can also stimulate collagen production to keep your skin young.

6)   It calms acne

You may not want to try any product on your skin if you have acne. However, experts are of the view that dryness can aggravate acne and cause more discomfort.  So, a moisturizer can help in calming acne and preventing more breakouts.  Buy a fragrance-free moisturizer with less or no oil content. A noncomedogenic (one that doesn’t clog pores) moisturizer works best for acne-prone skin.

7)   It is excellent as an after-shower care

A cold or a hot shower refreshes you, no doubt, but it also dries out your skin. Apply a soothing moisturizer on your face, neck and hands to rejuvenate your skin and make it stay fresh and lively.


Keep your skin fresh, healthy and young with regular use of good skincare products. No matter what your skin type is, a moisturizer will always contribute to making your skin healthier and softer. Today, you get products with active ingredients to replenish and repair your skin; so, whenever you buy, choose a moisturizer which solves your skin issues, be it acne, dryness or ageing. Moisturized skin is hydrated skin, which remains healthy for a long time.

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