Getting a Manicure And Pedicure FAQ

Do you know what’s a deal breaker during a Date? Shaking hands with long, dirty, bitten, and bloody nails. After all, there is abundant truth in the saying - a handshake says a lot about you.

And don’t even contemplate going on a date with them! 

Nails are gauges of personal hygiene (or the very lack of it). Taking care of them has to be part of daily grooming, more so if your hands and feet are the money-makers.

How To Look After Your Fingernails

Imagine taking the time to complete a 7-step skincare routine every morning, and then donning a bespoke suit or glamourous gown only to leave home with the hands of a gravedigger. Sandpaper palms, hangnails, and oddly cut nails don’t scream debonair, modern man. In a nutshell, nails must be presentable.

For that, every gent needs to make manicures and pedicure an essential part of grooming regime. If not that, then at least filing down nails and shaping the cuticles is a must. Sounds complicated? We promise it is not. Here’s what you’ve got to do.

1. Clipping The Extra

You know what’s good nail care? Nails that don’t stand out like sore thumbs and the first step to it is trimming your nails. The ideal time to do so is right after a bath when the nails are soft.

The Don’ts

Scissors are unforgiving. Use them to cut nails at your own discretion! Also, don’t clip them too short.

The Do’s

Trim your nails using clippers along the natural curve of the fingertip. Cut only the white part and leave about 1 mm of it to file down. Stick to one clip per nail. More clips lead to hangnails, and we all know the pain that brings. 

2. Filing The Nail

Humans find symmetry beautiful (don’t ask us why; evolutionary biologists say so). With this in mind, pick up a nail file and smooth down the jagged edges of the clipped nail. Since chaps don’t wear nails long, go wild, and file them in any direction. As long as you get a uniform shape and length, the direction is not vital.

The Don’ts

Try not to rush the process and stop filing when the file touches the top of the fingertip.

The Do’s

Keep the hand on a towel while filing to get consistent angles. Always begin by filing one side of the nail and then move to the other.

3. Shaping The Cuticle

Since half of you are wondering what a cuticle is – it is the thin piece of skin at the bottom of the nail bed. It bunches right where the skin meets the nail. If it’s your first-time manicuring, then use a cuticle stick to push it back gently. Pick up a cuticle clipper to get rid of the excess skin.

The Don’ts

Unless you want fraying, swollen and bleeding nails, teeth and fingers should not be used to remove the extra cuticle. 

The Do’s

Only push the cuticle till the ‘half-moon’ on the nail is visible. That’s the natural stopping point, any further and you walk onto the dangerous, bloody lands.

4. Moisturizing The Hand

The finishing touch of the manicure is a moisturizer. Remove any lingering debris from under the nail by scraping it off with the cuticle tool. Run the nail-file once again over the nails. Get rid of any tiny hangnails and then wash your hands. Now, smear your mitts with organic lotion to soothe away dry skin, nicks, and cuts.

If you’re a fan of oil, take a drop and rub it on the nails and cuticles. Use your thumb to massage it gently for a subtle sheen.

Getting Those Gruesome Toes In Order


Come summer and everyone is Instagram’s themselves at the beach with their feet in sandals . Believe when we say, no filter or Photoshop expert can erase gnarled nails and callused heels. To press the reset button on your feet, you need to know the craft of a good pedicure.

While we illuminate the long and short of the surprisingly simple process below, we always recommend a professional pedicure . Club the swirling jets of warm water with a much-needed massage and all the sore spots vanish along with the junky build up. It is why, with nary an exception, every bloke finds it more pleasant and less weird than they initially thought.


The Step By Step Process Of A Pedicure

  • To soften the feet, soak them in a bathtub filled with warm water (a large bucket works too). Add your preferred body wash and sit for 2 to 5 minutes.
  • Use a foot file or emery board to slough off the debris and dead skin on the sole. This step is crucial because not removing those things that make your feet look hirsute, corny and gnarly is giving a home to fungus and bacteria!
  • Trim and file the toenails followed by cuticle care. Carry the exact steps you’d take for a manicure. Confused? Scroll up and read all about it.
  • Rinse the feet, dry them carefully (yes, between the toes too) and then apply a hand and body lotion to retain moisture.

Happy Feet & Luxurious Hands

Men Pedicure

Few will ever notice your hands and fewer still will see your feet, but that’s not the point of grooming the nails of both. It is about keeping your hand and feet neat. It is about warding off painful, ingrown nails and infections. It is about saying adios to calluses and corns! 

For a modern man or woman, the luxuries in life are limited. Trust us when we say that mani-pedis are one of them. Therefore, if you’ve been pondering over on whether to take the jump or not  do it. 

And in case a DIY is little too much effort for you, find a grooming lounge nearby or make a date with of it with your bae and get it done professionally.

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