Does Kylie Skin Care Live up to the Hype? - Let’s Investigate


  • A bird’s eye view of the Kylie skincare range.
  • Analysis of various products of the most popular products.
  • Our final thoughts on Kylie Skin products.

When Kylie Jenner announced a shift from cosmetics to skincare, her fans held their breath in awe and anticipation. True to the hype, the skincare product line went on to earn rave reviews like "the best skincare line ever," etc. Today, Kylie cosmetics typically gets sold out in 24 hours.

We have been closely following the product line over the past few months, and here are our honest reviews about the same:

A Bird’s Eye View of Kylie Skin Care Range of Products:

We like the product line at the outset because it covers all the popular skincare essentials. Another exciting aspect is that these products are all cruelty-free, vegan free, paraben-free, BPA (bisphenol A) free, and sulfate-free. Furthermore, they are dermatologically tested and quite suitable for all skin types.

So, let’s go ahead and take a look at some of their best products across different categories:

#1. Foaming Face Wash:

This face wash is soothing and feels velvety soft on the skin. It does not cause the skin to dry out or create a feeling of tightness. It is packed with hydrating ingredients like glycerine and kiwi seed oil (loaded with vitamin C and E). Kiwi seed oil is rich in antioxidants that rejuvenates the skin. The face wash is gentle and hence can be applied on all skin types.

However, what sets Kylie foaming face wash apart from other products is its beautiful fragrance.

#2. Walnut Scrub:

This product ran into some controversy initially because walnuts can be harsh on skin (as walnut shells cannot be ground properly due to their jagged edges) and might cause irritation and scratching during exfoliation.

However, it was found that when used in moderation, this product did not cause irritation though it left some people with a pinkish tone. We would recommend that people with sensitive skin use this skin scrub sparingly. However, this walnut scrub is not recommended for daily usage.

#3. Vanilla Milk Toner:

This is a hydrating toner loaded with essential oils like squalene, jojoba oil, glycerine, avocado oil, apricot kernel oil, etc. One noticeable thing is its captivating vanilla fragrance! Though the product can be a little heavy on acne-prone skin, it is definitely very hydrating and keeps the skin soft and smooth.

While we are used to toners in the form of sprays or liquids, this one is creamier and tends to drip off from the face easily if you do not balance it with other products.

#4. Rose Bath Collection:

Revealed just in time for the holiday season, this rose bath collection contains five rose-scented bath and body products packed in a lovely blush pink presentation box. The bath collection has an interesting 3D bath pull-out on the front to open the box.

Rose Bubble Bath: This comes in a wine shaped plastic bottle and is loaded with nutrients like vitamin A, B3, and B5. Other interesting ingredients include chamomile, jojoba oil, and sunflower oil.

Rose Body Scrub: This contains sugar granules for exfoliation along with coconut oil and kiwi seed oil.

Rose Bath Salts: This is definitely an interesting addition to the rose bath collection that contains a combo of Himalayan salts, sea salt, apple fruit extract and lavender, chamomile, jasmine, and rose flower extracts to offer you a therapeutic bathing experience.

Gardenia Garden Candle and Tahitian Vanilla and Coconut Candle:

Lastly, the rise bath collection contains two calming, scented candles in a frosted glass jar.

#5. Face Moisturizer

This extremely lightweight moisturizer has a fragile consistency, is odorless, and blends seamlessly into the skin. However, it does not have an SPF. The downside is the tube packaging with the pump top. One has to pump the top and simultaneously squeeze the tube to get the lotion out - a factor that may work against the product.

#6. Kylie Skin Eye Cream:

This refreshing eye cream with caffeine and green tea formula is bound to keep one's eyes alert at all times. The container has a nozzle that you are supposed to use as an applicator instead of using your hands for applying the cream. This exciting and smart move ensures you use more of the product as well.


We love how amazing Kylie products make us look and feel. Plus, we also love the packaging they come in.

But when using the products together, there is an unfortunate collision of a sonata of varied fragrances as each product has a unique scent. We feel the moisturizer can be reworked to include an SPF coupled with better user-friendly packing.

Given the above aspects, it is advisable to purchase items individually rather than go in for the entire range. Having said that, we would love to include the eye cream in the must-have list, as it is quite useful, especially when you get out of long-haul flights.

These eye creams come in handy to make you look refreshed and energetic. What we should look forward to using next is the Mini pack that is supposed to be travel friendly.

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Build a 10-minute complete skincare regime or shop from our skincare product bundles. We bet you would come back for more!

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